Advertise Product

Designs product advertisements.



The model specializes in developing impactful product advertisements for multi-platform distribution. It crafts content that not only effectively showcases your product but also successfully promotes it to your intended target audience.


  1. Elevate Your Brand: Create captivating advertisements that elevate your brand's image and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.
  2. Drive Sales: Generate compelling ads that drive sales and conversions, boosting your revenue and business growth.
  3. Expand Market Reach: Reach a wider audience across various platforms, such as social media, websites, and digital displays.
  4. Launch New Products: Introduce new products with eye-catching advertisements that pique curiosity and generate buzz.
  5. Seasonal Promotions: Design advertisements tailored to seasonal events and holidays, capitalizing on the increased consumer interest.
  6. Event Marketing: Promote events and special occasions with visually appealing ads to increase attendance and engagement.

How to Use

  1. Select Ad Type: Choose the type of advertisement you want to create, such as Facebook Ad, Instagram Story, Google Display Ad, etc.
  2. Input Product Details: Provide relevant information about your product in the designated fields. Include key features, benefits, and unique selling points.
  3. Identify Targeted Customers: Define your target audience to ensure the ad's relevance and effectiveness.
First Version
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The REST API allows you to call the tool with the same costs as when running the tool. Please generate an Personal access token before using the REST API.


  • type (Type): The typ of content you want to produce
  • product (Product): The product you want to advertise
  • customer (Customer): The ideal customer
  • Call the REST API by cURL
    curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN"'Hairy%20soup'&customer=Men
  • Install the package with pip
    python3 -m pip install anysolve
  • Run in python3
    import os
    from anysolve import AnySolve
    anysolve_token = os.environ.get('ANYSOLVE_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN') # Resolve your personal access token here
    client = AnySolve(anysolve_token)
    res ='u-ba835df8268fc301-advertise-a-product','1.0.0', {'type': 'facebook ad', 'product': 'A hairdressing salon named \'Hairy soup\'', 'customer': 'Men'})
  • Coming soon: Within AnySolve ChatComplete prompts you can use the following command to execute the task:
    /run('u-ba835df8268fc301-advertise-a-product','1.0.0', type='facebook ad', product='A hairdressing salon named \'Hairy soup\'', customer='Men')