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The AI hub that collects all the tools

AnySolve allows to create AI tools and share them with the community. You may write a specific text and generate a PDF, answer a question with your software or create a HTML landing page that is ready to use.

Discover our existing tools

You can discover your needs from hundreds of available tools that are ready to use. We have tools for all kind of professions. Do you need to create a chart by a description? Do you want to create a catalog of questions for an exam? Do you need to write a text or a paper? AnySolve got you covered!

Use the discovered tools

After you have discovered a task you like it's time to try it out. When you login the first time you get 200 credits for free. With this credits you execute a lot of tools and try whether our platform suits your needs. For more information check out our Pricing section.

Create and share your own tools

You came up with a new idea for a tool that nobody has before? Just create your own tool within minutes with our no-code interface. You can keep it for yourself or share it with the whole community so that others can benefit from your help and thank you with some favorite likes.

We integrate dozens of AIs

You want to use ChatGPT prompts in your AI tools? You need to create an image with Stability AI in your AI tool? AnySolve has what you want! We have implemented a lot of AIs and it is getting more and more.

Generate results that you can use

AnySolve allows it tools to output a lot of different formats. You can generate PDFs from the create papers. You can represent calculated data as charts. Articles can include generated images. And we are working on providing you with more and more output types.

Integrate tools in your software

All tools can be executed by a REST interface. A python library allows to execute the tools easily. With AnySolve you can manage the AI task and your software only needs to call it and let AnySolve do the work.