Answer Exam Question

Answers an exam question.



Obtain precise responses to your inquiries by specifying the exam type, language, and question parameters.


• Exam Preparation: Obtain precise responses to specific exam questions, helping students practice for various exam types and languages, and improving test-taking skills.

• Language Learning: Practice answering questions in a target language, enhancing language proficiency and comprehension.

How to use the task

  1. Enter the question you want the model to answer.

  2. Select a specific language.

  3. Specify Exam Topic: Input the exam topic.

  4. Run the task to generate a precise response based on available knowledge.

First Version
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The REST API allows you to call the tool with the same costs as when running the tool. Please generate an Personal access token before using the REST API.


  • question (Question): The question that should be answered.
  • language (Language): The language the answer should be in.
  • exam_topic (Exam Topic): The exam topic. You can add your school type
  • Call the REST API by cURL
    curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN"
  • Install the package with pip
    python3 -m pip install anysolve
  • Run in python3
    import os
    from anysolve import AnySolve
    anysolve_token = os.environ.get('ANYSOLVE_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN') # Resolve your personal access token here
    client = AnySolve(anysolve_token)
    res ='u-ba835df8268fc301-answer-exam-question','1.0.0', {'question': 'What is the quaternary structure of a protein and how is it formed?', 'language': 'English', 'exam_topic': 'University Biochemistry'})
  • Coming soon: Within AnySolve ChatComplete prompts you can use the following command to execute the task:
    /run('u-ba835df8268fc301-answer-exam-question','1.0.0', question='What is the quaternary structure of a protein and how is it formed?', language='English', exam_topic='University Biochemistry')