Write and further improve a Newspaper Article

This task allows to write a newspaper article. The task can be run again to improve the text.



This task allows to write a newspaper article. The task can be run again to improve the text. Provide a topic and tell the task to write a newspaper article about a topic. After the task is run you can check the article and run it again on the same document by telling the task how to improve the article. You can also define plugins the task can use for research. A PDF, DOCX, TXT, and TEX file is created.


News Writing: Journalists and writers can use this task to quickly generate newspaper articles on various topics, keeping readers informed and engaged.

Content Creation: Content creators and bloggers can utilize the task to produce informative and engaging articles for their websites or publications.

Educational Purposes: Teachers and students can employ the task to practice news writing and enhance their writing skills.

How to use the task

  1. Specify the topic for the newspaper article you want to write. This will define the focus and subject matter of the article.

  2. Choose the Document Lifetime (in hours) and provide a unique document name to be used for future attempts.

  3. Run the task to create the newspaper article on the specified topic. The task will generate the initial version of the article.

  4. After running the task, review the article to ensure it meets your requirements.

  5. Run the task again, this time incorporating the changes and improvements you want to see in the article.

  6. For more comprehensive research, define plugins to assist the task in gathering relevant data, citations, or references to enrich the article.

  7. The task generates the newspaper article in PDF, DOCX, TXT, and TEX formats.

  8. Repeat the task as necessary to iteratively refine and enhance the article to your desired level of quality and completeness.

First version
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The REST API allows you to call the tool with the same costs as when running the tool. Please generate an Personal access token before using the REST API.


  • duration_h (Document lifetime (h)): How many hours the document is stored. (less = cheaper)
  • session (Document name): The name of the document
  • topic (Article's topic): The topic of the paper
  • task (Changes on the article): What on the article should be changed
  • plugin_tasks (Plugins used for research): List tasks that are shown to GPT for execution.
  • Call the REST API by cURL
    curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN" https://api.anysolve.ai/rest/v1/u-ba835df8268fc301-write-and-further-improve-a-newspaper-article/1.0.0?duration_h=3&session=4e1ffb73-fa96-4315-bec6-e70cd16b40d6&topic=The%20rise%20of%20the%20Green%20Party%20in%20Austria&task=Start%20with%20writing%20a%20newspaper%20paper%20article%20about%20the%20rise%20of%20the%20green%20party%20in%20Austria&plugin_tasks=intern-web-google-search-1-0-0
  • Install the package with pip
    python3 -m pip install anysolve
  • Run in python3
    import os
    from anysolve import AnySolve
    anysolve_token = os.environ.get('ANYSOLVE_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN') # Resolve your personal access token here
    client = AnySolve(anysolve_token)
    res = client.run('u-ba835df8268fc301-write-and-further-improve-a-newspaper-article','1.0.0', {'duration_h': '3', 'session': '4e1ffb73-fa96-4315-bec6-e70cd16b40d6', 'topic': 'The rise of the Green Party in Austria', 'task': 'Start with writing a newspaper paper article about the rise of the green party in Austria', 'plugin_tasks': 'intern-web-google-search-1-0-0'})
  • Coming soon: Within AnySolve ChatComplete prompts you can use the following command to execute the task:
    /run('u-ba835df8268fc301-write-and-further-improve-a-newspaper-article','1.0.0', duration_h='3', session='4e1ffb73-fa96-4315-bec6-e70cd16b40d6', topic='The rise of the Green Party in Austria', task='Start with writing a newspaper paper article about the rise of the green party in Austria', plugin_tasks='intern-web-google-search-1-0-0')