Searchable Document Collection - Query

This ask allows to query a searchable document collection with ChatComplete.



This feature enables you to search a document collection using ChatComplete. You can effortlessly incorporate a document collection by employing the Searchable Document Collection - Add Document task. Once your documents are in the collection, you can ask questions, and ChatComplete will provide answers.


  • Knowledge Base ChatBots
  • Semantic Information Retrieval from Document Collections

How to use the task

  • Specify the name of the document collection you've already populated using the Searchable Document Collection - Add Document task.
  • The Quality slider can be adjusted. A higher quality may impact price and performance of the task.
  • Formulate your query


We strongly advise against including sensitive or confidential information in your queries.

First version
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The REST API allows you to call the tool with the same costs as when running the tool. Please generate an Personal access token before using the REST API.


  • query (Query): The query.
  • quality (Quality): The quality of the response. Affects the price.
  • document_collection (Document Collection): The name of the document.
  • Call the REST API by cURL
    curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN"
  • Install the package with pip
    python3 -m pip install anysolve
  • Run in python3
    import os
    from anysolve import AnySolve
    anysolve_token = os.environ.get('ANYSOLVE_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN') # Resolve your personal access token here
    client = AnySolve(anysolve_token)
    res ='intern-memory-search-collection-query','1.0.0', {'query': 'Is Woodhouse married?', 'quality': '2', 'document_collection': 'gutenberg'})
  • Coming soon: Within AnySolve ChatComplete prompts you can use the following command to execute the task:
    /run('intern-memory-search-collection-query','1.0.0', query='Is Woodhouse married?', quality='2', document_collection='gutenberg')